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KGI Blog | Fintech in Singapore

Financial Technology, otherwise known as Fintech, has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Digital advancement appears to be challenging the current operations of the conventional financial services industry. It has drastically altered how financial services are being presented to customers and continues to reshape the financial industry every day.

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Mutual Funds (Unit Trust) 101

There are many options available for individuals when it comes to growing their wealth to reach their financial goals. One of them is mutual funds. What exactly are mutual funds?

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Top Business Development Tips to Build a Sustainable Sales Strategy

As the financial services industry in Singapore becomes more saturated, how can we build a sustainable and profitable business in the long run? The answer is through business development.

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Importance of Critical Illness Insurance

Why is Critical Insurance so “Critical” to you and your loved ones?

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Here Is What Low Interest Rates Mean for You

Recently, many financial institutions have revised their interest rate downwards following the cutting of interest rates by major central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. What does it mean for you?

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Why Some People Just Hate Insurance

Many people forgo insurance, preferring investments such as investing in stocks or their own business, where there is an opportunity for them to make money and potentially improving their quality of life. 

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Dollar-Cost Averaging

Trying to time the market? Try dollar-cost averaging instead.

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Don't live your life to please others

"Living your life for yourself and not to please others."

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Will Robots take our jobs?

"Robots could take over 20 million jobs by 2030, study claims." I was browsing articles on CNBC the other day, and this got my attention.

- by Christina Chua

KGI Blog | Lessons from Circuit Breaker

What I learned in the 2 months of Circuit Breaker - Balancing work and family 

- by Christina Chua

Announcement | Resumption of Face-to-Face Meetings by Appointment Only during Phase Two (Safe Re-opening)

As we enter Phase Two of the government's three-phased approach to resume activities safely, KGI Wealth Management has been permitted to resume in-person meetings with clients on an appointment basis. 

KGI Blog | Being Assertive in the Workplace

Being assertive is different from being aggressive.

Speaking up at work about your thoughts and feelings about an idea or project is perfectly fine (in a respectful manner, of course). Constructive feedback is beneficial to the organization because it will trigger a thought process on what can be changed to achieve a better result. 

- by Christina Chua

Announcement | Face-to-Face Appointment in Phase One Post-Circuit Breaker

As we enter Phase One of the government's three-phased approach to resume activities safely post-Circuit Breaker, KGI Wealth Management has been permitted to conduct in-person meetings with clients at our business premises for exceptional cases, on appointment basis.

Announcement | Security Advisory

Stay vigilant against phishing scams.

Announcement | Business as usual

KGI Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. would like to confirm that business will operate as usual.

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