Investment Products & Solutions



Different investment opportunities exist in different market environments. At KGI Wealth Management, we aim to guide our clients toward a better investment outcome according to their financial needs and goals while navigating an uncertain and volatile market environment.


Building a strategy


Before recommending any wealth management product or solution, we want to get to know you and understand your financial needs, goals, and risk appetite.

We will then assist you in building the optimal portfolio, taking into consideration the factors above and your primary area of focus: Wealth Protection, Wealth Preservation, Wealth Accumulation, or Legacy Planning

Sound strategies begin with having the right goal in mind.

Monitoring the markets


Our experienced Wealth Management team, which comprises Product Specialists, Research Analysts, and Relationship Managers, will be with you every step of your investment journey in this increasingly complex global environment.

They will provide timely updates on the latest market developments and product performance to help you make the best-informed investment decisions.

Radar-like approaches to help you navigate and identify opportunities.

Advising on your portfolio


After conducting in-depth analyses and product comparisons, our dedicated Wealth Management team will provide you with professional advice to structure and modify your portfolios accordingly. Your investment journey will constantly be refined and adapted to market conditions to yield the best results.

Know what you own, and know why you own it.

Investment Products & Solutions


Take advantage of diversification and professional portfolio management by reputable fund managers 

Download the list of available funds here.

1. Mutual Funds 

We offer more than hundreds of mutual funds from different fund houses. You will be sure to find a vast range of Singapore-registered authorized, recognized, and restricted mutual funds that suit your market view and risk tolerance. Funds available on our platform include:

• Money market

• Bond

• Equity

• Balanced / Multi-asset

• Commodity

• Global / Regional / Single country

• Thematic (e.g., technology, ESG, etc.)

2. Hedge Funds 

For clients who seek to generate higher returns and have a high-risk appetite, hedge funds might be a suitable option. Hedge funds are alternative investment vehicles that use market opportunities to their advantage. The different types of available on our platform include:

• Long/short equity

• Market neutral

• Global macro

• Directional

• Relative value (arbitrage)

• Event-driven


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