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Mutual Funds

Fund Manager Strategy Type Risk Rating Risk Category ISIN/Ticker Scheme Status
BNP Paribas USD Money Market Classic Cap USD Money Market 1 Risk Averse LU0012186622 Recognised
BNP Paribas Insticash Money Market Fund Classic C Money Market 10 Aggressive LU0167238863 Restricted
CSOP Asset Management CSOP USD Money Market Fund USD  Money Market 1 Risk averse SGXZ96797238 Authorised
Legg Mason Western Asset - US Government Liquidity  Money Market 1 Risk Averse IE00B19Z6R17 Recognised
Lion Global Money Market Fund  Money Market 1 Risk Averse SG9999002760 Authorised
UOB AM United SGD Money Market Money Market 1 Risk Averse SGXZ56370984 Authorised
Fullerton SGD Cash Fund Money Market 1 Aggressive SG9999005961 Authorised
Haitong Asset Management Haitong Liquid Assets Fund S.P. (USD) Money Market 10 Aggressive KYG4234D4013 Restricted
HSBC Asset Management US Dollar Liquidity Money Market 10 Aggressive IE0009489620 Restricted
AllianceBernstein AB American Income Portfolio Bond 4 Conservative LU0157308031 Recognised
AllianceBernstein AB Global High Yield Bond Bond 5 Balanced LU0081336892 Recognised
Allianz Flexi Asia Bond Bond 4 Conservative LU1492452518 Recognised
Allianz Global Floating Rate Notes Plus Bond 4 Conservative LU1851368412 Recognised
Aviva Investors Global High Yield Bond Bond 4 Conservative LU0520002972 Recognised
BEA Union Investment BEA Union Investment Asian Bond and Currency Fund Bond 10 Aggressive HK0000065208 Restricted
BlackRock Fixed Income Global Opportunities Bond 4 Conservative LU0280468637 Recognised
BlackRock Asian Tiger Bond  Bond 4 Conservative LU1149717156 Recognised
BlackRock China Bond Bond 5 Balanced LU1847653497 Recognised
BNY Mellon Global Short Dated High Yield Bond Bond 9 Aggressive IE00BD5CV864 Restricted
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Bond 9 Aggressive IE00B4KZTR23 Restricted
Columbia Threadneedle Threadneedle US High Yield Bond Bond 4 Conservative LU0180519315 Recognised
Fidelity Asian High Yield Bond 5 Balanced LU1235294219 Recognised
Fidelity China High Yield Bond 6 Balanced LU1313547462 Recognised
Franklin Templeton Global Bond  Bond 3 Conservative LU0320763948  Recognised
Lazard Asset Management Credit Opportunities Bond 10 Aggressive FR0010230490 Restricted
Lazard Asset Management Global Convertibles Bond 10 Aggressive FR0013429396 Restricted
Lazard Asset Management Credit Opportunities Bond 10 Aggressive FR0010230490 Restricted
Lazard Asset Management Global Convertibles Bond 10 Aggressive FR0013429396 Restricted
Legg Mason Brandywine Global Fixed Income Fund Bond 2 Risk Averse IE00B19Z4J92 Recognised
Lion Global Short Duration Bond  Bond 2 Risk Averse SG9999002646 Authorised
Neuberger Berman Emerging Market Debt  Bond 5 Balanced IE00B99K3R14  Recognised
PIMCO GIS Income Bond 3 Conservative IE00B9HH6X13 Recognised
PIMCO Global Bond Fund  Bond 2 Risk Averse IE00B3Q8VQ13 Recognised
PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond 5 Balanced IE00B1LHWT95 Recognised
PIMCO Asia High Yield Bond 5 Balanced IE00BGSXQS26 Recognised
PIMCO Global High Yield Bond 4 Conservative  IE00BYZWMV33 Recognised
Robeco RobecoSAM SDG Credit Income Bond 9 Aggressive LU1806346737 Restricted
Schroder Global High Yield  Bond 4 Conservative LU1479926450 Recognised
Schroder Singapore Fixed Income Bond 2 Risk Averse SG9999006530 Authorised
UOB AM United Asian Bond Bond 4 Conservative SG9999001416  Authorised
UOB AM United SGD  Bond 2 Risk Averse SGXZ16137382 Authorised
HSBC Asset Management Ultra Short Duration Bond Bond 4 Conservative LU2334455339 Recognised
HSBC Asset Management India Fixed Income Bond 5 Balanced LU1560771195 Recognised
Allianz Income and Growth Balanced 7 Moderate LU0943347566 Recognised
Lion Global Singapore Balanced Fund Balanced 6 Balanced SG9999002679 Authorised
Schroder Asian Income Balanced 6 Balanced SG9999007991  Authorised
First Sentier Investors Bridge Balanced 6 Balanced SG9999019137 Authorised
AllianceBernstein Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Portfolio Multi-asset 6 Balanced LU0633140560 Recognised
BlackRock Global Multi-Asset Income Fund Multi-asset 5 Balanced LU0949170426 Recognised
BlackRock ESG Multi-asset Multi-asset 6 Balanced LU2092627202 Authorised
BNY Mellon Global Real Return Multi-asset 9 Aggressive IE00B504KW82 Restricted
Fidelity Global Multi-Asset Income Fund Multi-asset 6 Balanced LU1883994011 Recognised
Fullerton Asia Income Return Multi-asset 6 Balanced SG9999010201 Authorised
JO Hambro Global Income Builder Multi-asset 10 Aggressive IE00BFZWPC28 Restricted
Schroder Multi-Asset Revolution  Multi-asset 5 Balanced SG9999000277 Authorised
AllianceBernstein International Healthcare  Equity 10 Aggressive LU0289739699 Recognised
AllianceBernstein Low Volatility Equity Portfolio Equity 5 Balanced LU0861579265 Recognised
AllianceBernstein Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio Equity 8 Moderate LU0069063385/LU0289739343 Recognised
Allianz China A-shares Equity 9 Aggressive LU1997245177 Recognised
Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence Equity 10 Aggressive LU1548497426  Recognised
BlackRock European Special Situations Equity 8 Moderate LU0154234636/
BlackRock Asian Growth Leaders Equity 8 Moderate LU1048596156 Recognised
BlackRock World Healthscience  Equity 10 Aggressive LU1057294990 Recognised
BlackRock US Small & Midcap Opportunities Fund Equity 9 Aggressive LU0006061336 Recognised
BlackRock World Technology Fund Equity 10 Aggressive LU1852331112 Recognised
BlackRock World Energy  Equity 10 Aggressive LU0368265418 Recognised
BlackRock European Equity 8 Moderate LU0171280430 Recognised
BNP Paribas Energy Transition Classic Equity 10 Aggressive LU0823414478 Recognised
Columbia Threadneedle Asia Contrarian Equity Fund Equity 8 Moderate LU1044875562 Recognised
Columbia Threadneedle Pan European Small Cap Opportunities Equity 10 Aggressive LU0282719219 Recognised
Fidelity World Fund Equity 7 Moderate LU1261432733 Recognised
Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East & Africa  Equity 9 Aggressive LU0303821028  Recognised
Fidelity China Focus Equity 9 Aggressive LU0287142896 Recognised
Fidelity Global Technology  Equity 10 Aggressive LU1823568750 Recognised
Fidelity Global Financial Services Equity 10 Aggressive LU1363072403 Recognised
Fidelity Sustainable Asia Equity   Equity 8 Moderate LU0251144936 Recognised
Fidelity China Consumer  Equity 10 Aggressive LU0650527681 Recognised
Fidelity Asia Pacific Opportunities  Equity 8 Moderate LU2177674079 Recognised
First Sentier Investors FSSA China Growth Equity 9 Aggressive IE0008368742 Recognised
First Sentier Investors Dividend Advantage Equity 7 Moderate SG9999002083 Authorised
First Sentier Investors Regional China Equity 8 Moderate SG9999000194 Authorised
First Sentier Investors Regional India Equity 9 Aggressive SG9999000186 Authorised
Franklin Templeton Technology Fund Equity 10 Aggressive LU1803068979 Recognised
Franklin Templeton U.S. Opportunities Equity 10 Aggressive LU0320765059 Recognised
Invesco Global Consumer Trends Equity 10 Aggressive LU0052864419 Restricted
JO Hambro Global Opportunities Equity 9 Aggressive IE00B89JY234 Restricted
Lazard Asset Management Global Listed Infrastructure Equity Equity 10 Aggressive IE00BZC0SB97 Restricted
Lazard Asset Management Global Thematic Focus Equity 10 Aggressive IE00BKV45P08 Restricted
Lazard Asset Management Global Listed Infrastructure Equity Equity 10 Aggressive IE00BZC0SB97 Restricted
Lazard Asset Management Global Thematic Focus Equity 10 Aggressive IE00BKV45P08 Restricted
Legg Mason Clearbridge- US Large Cap Growth  Equity 8 Moderate IE00B19Z9505 Recognised
Legg Mason QS MV Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Growth and Income Fund Equity 8 Moderate IE00BWDBJ730 Recognised
Legg Mason US Small Cap Opportunity Equity 10 Aggressive IE00B7SZL793 Recognised
MUFG Japan Equity Small Cap Fund  Equity 10 Aggressive LU1163551838 Restricted
Nikko AM Shenton Thrift Equity 8 Moderate SG9999004360 Authorised
Nikko AM Shenton Global Opportunities Equity 8 Moderate SG9999004303 Authorised
Nikko AM Singapore Dividend Equity Equity 9 Aggressive SG9999003826 Authorised
PineBridge Latin America Equity Equity 9 Aggressive IE00B1B80R65  Recognised
PineBridge Asian ex Japan Small Cap Equity 10 Aggressive  IE00BYQNZ168 Recognised
Robeco Global Consumer Trends Equities  Equity 10 Aggressive LU0554840073 Restricted
Schroder ISF Global Emerging Market Opportunities  Equity 8 Moderate SG9999006852 Recognised
Schroder BRIC Equity 9 Aggressive SG9999002216 Authorised
Schroder ISF Emerging Europe Equity 9 Aggressive LU0106817157 Recognised
Schroder Global Gold Equity 10 Aggressive LU1223083913 Recognised
Schroder ISF Hong Kong Equity Equity 9 Aggressive LU0607220059 Recognised
EastSpring Japan Dynamic Equity 10 Aggressive LU0560541111 Recognised
HSBC Asset Management Indian Equity Equity 10 Aggressive LU0164881194 Recognised
UOB Asset Management United Japan Small and Mid-Cap Equity 10 Aggressive SG9999010854 Authorised


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