KGI e-Statement


Enjoy convenient and paperless access to the newly revamped KGI Monthly E-statements. 



Features of the e-Statements:

       Instant and convenient – view up to 12 months of your past e-statements conveniently, anytime, anywhere

     Safe and secure – access your e-statements securely by logging in to your KTrader account

    Environmentally-friendly – you’ll be saving a ton of trees by going paperless.


1. Retrievable anytime, anywhere with KTrader (Desktop and Mobile App)

2. Trust Balance Summary

3. Holding Summary

4. Client Trust Ledger

5. Financing Trade Transactions

6. Contra Trade Transactions

7. Non-Trade Securities Movement Records

8. Shares Awaiting Collection

9. Outstanding Transactions


e-statement FAQ

1. What are e-Statements?

e-Statements are electronic versions of your monthly statements and contract notes.

2. Where can I view my e-Statements?

Your eStatements will be sent to your latest email address registered with us.
You may also view and download your PDF e-statements via KTrader trading platform under “e-statement” tab anytime, anywhere.

3. What e-Statements will I be able to access?

Daily statements/contract notes and monthly statements will be available for viewing.

4. Will I receive e-Statements even if I did not make any trades for the month?

You will receive the e-Statements if there is a trust balance in your account or there are transactions for the month (i.e withdrawals of funds / FX conversion / deposit of funds).

5. How about my paper statement?

Effective 1 January 2024, your account statements will be securely available online through KTrader trading platform and delivered to your registered email address. We are discontinuing the distribution of paper statements as of 1 May 2024.  This shift empowers you to conveniently access and download your statements at your preferred time and place. 

6. Opt-out from e-Statements?

We strongly encourage you to continue with e-Statements to enjoy the benefits of e-Statements and going paperless with us. To receive hard copy statements, please contact your trading representative and complete the Update of Personal Particular form.

With effect from 1 July 2024,  subscription fee of S$2 per statement, Cap at S$20 per month (Subject to prevailing GST) will apply to clients who opt for paper statements. Please note that this fee will be applied on a per statement basis.

7. Can I request my past monthly statements?

Yes, we are able to send monthly statements (both present and past) to our clients. An additional fee of S$10 (Subject to prevailing GST) per statement will be charged.


For more clarification, please reach out to your respective trading representatives.