Custodial Services

Custodial Services

With our safe custody service, you can now manage your investments in a fuss-free manner.

Corporate Action

To process and notify entitled shareholders on all Corporate Action matters (including and not limited to, dividend payment, cash/scrip election, Rights Issue, Take Over Offer, Share Consolidation) on a timely basis.

We will retain securities listed on SGX-ST and other foreign exchanges on your behalf and execute proxy forms as instructed; process income collection of corporate entitlements such as dividend and interest, and entitlement for rights, bonus issues and cash offers, sparing you the hassle of managing cumbersome corporate actions.

Share Deposition

We assist our clients on shares deposition listed on SGX-ST and other foreign exchanges. Your physical certificates of securities can be converted into scriptless form to facilitate the sale of shares.

Sub-accounts can also be arranged for foreigners who wish to trade in securities listed on SGX-ST but without the need for a Global Securities Account (GSA) to be opened with the Central Depository (CDP).

Maintenance and processing fee will be levied for the above arrangement. 

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