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Singapore’s leading broker KGI Securities (Singapore) Joins Pyth Network Bringing Market Data to the Blockchain

KGI Securities (Singapore) to provide FX data on-chain through Pyth network

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives to launch Night Trading

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives to launch Night Trading

DCE RBD Palm Olein Futures

DCE’s RBD Palm Olein futures are now open to foreign investors.

Since its launch in October 2006, DCE RBD Palm Olein futures contracts have evolved into the most traded palm oil futures product worldwide.

Especially in the past Q4 2019, the daily trading volume and open interest have reach an all-time high which were 27.6 million metric tonnes and 9.1 million metric tonnes respectively.

Introducing the new KGI Client Portal

As part of ongoing efforts to provide exceptional service to customers, KGI Securities (Singapore) is pleased to announce the launch of the new KGI Client Portal.

We will be migrating all clients to the client portal by batches, you are not required to do anything until you receive a notification from us.

DCE RBD Palm Olein Futures

The Dalian Commodity Exchange's RBD Palm Olein Futures will be open to overseas traders from December 22.

KGI Securities (Singapore) | Launch of SGX FTSE Equity Index Futures

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) launched the following SGX FTSE Equity Index Futures contracts on Monday, 23 November 2020:

Price Return Index Futures
1. SGX FTSE Emerging Market Index Futures (FEM)
2. SGX FTSE China H50 Index Futures (FCH)

Net Total Return Index Futures
1. SGX FTSE Emerging Market NTR (USD) Index Futures (FNEM)
2. SGX FTSE Japan NTR (USD) Index Futures (FNJP)
3. SGX FTSE New Zealand NTR (USD) Index Futures (FNNZ)

INE International Copper Futures

Bonded copper futures open to overseas investors started trading at the Shanghai International Energy Exchange on November 19.

HKEX Hang Seng TECH Index Futures

The Hang Seng TECH Index Futures will be the first exchange-traded derivatives contracts to track the index, complementing HKEX’s flagship Hang Seng Index and Hang Seng China Enterprise Index products.

Important Notice on SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures

A. Cessation of Trading of SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures after the end of T session on 30 October 2020

B. Final Liquidity Switch to be completed by 2 November 2020


China to launch long awaited international copper futures on Nov. 19

China’s securities regulator has approved an international copper futures contract for launch on Nov. 19, in a move that will give foreign investors access to trading in the world’s top consumer of the metal.

KGI Securities (Singapore) rolls out new eFX Pricing in SG1 with MaxxTrader Solution

FlexTrade Systems , a global leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, announces its client KGI Securities will launch the KGI MaxxTrader’s electronic foreign exchange (FX) pricing and trading engine in Singapore.

Final Liquidity Switch from SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures to SGX FTSE Taiwan Index Futures

The Final Liquidity Switch from the SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures contracts (“MSCI TW”) to the SGX FTSE Taiwan Index Futures contracts (“FTSE TW”) will be done on Friday, 30 October 2020.

Introducing CME Group’s South American Soybean futures

Access locally-priced Soybean futures offered by CME Group and B3. 

CME Group Micro E-mini options

Micro E-mini options: 48K+ contracts in the first 10 days

Eurex Exchange MSCI indexes

Eurex has seen an uptick in interest in its MSCI offering in the Asian markets since SGX announced its delisting of MSCI derivatives. Eurex has the most comprehensive suite of MSCI derivatives across all time zones, including alternatives directly available.

SGX FTSE Taiwan Index Futures

With over 99% correlation with the onshore cash index and futures markets, the SGX FTSE Taiwan Index Futures contracts provide international investors an easy and cost efficient way to invest in the Taiwanese stock market. 

Introducing CME Group’s Micro E-mini options

Get ready to expand your options for Micro-sized trading: CME Group’s Micro E-mini options on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 indices will launch August 31, 2020.* Add the flexibility and limited downside risk of options in a smaller notional size that requires less margin and premium to trade.

Cessation of Face-to-Face Meetings during Phase One (Safe Re-opening)

Cessation of Face-to-Face Meetings during Phase One (Safe Re-opening)

The 7th Global Derivatives Trading Firm Competition

Global exchanges and designated futures trading brokers outside of Mainland China are invited to participate in the co-organization. Investors will trade through participating co-organized designated futures brokers. Contests for trading of futures and futures options, forex and other derivatives with underlying assets outside of mainland China.


KGI Securities (Singapore) | Business as usual

KGI Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. would like to confirm that business will operate as usual. 

Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL)

Securities borrowing and lending (SBL) is a temporary loan of securities between the borrower and lender. In this arrangement, a

Shanghai International Energy Exchange TSR20 Futures

The TSR 20 futures contract will be listed on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange as a continuous contract on August 12th.

Singapore Bank Holiday Notice

We advise all clients to maintain sufficient funds with the Company during the upcoming Singapore Bank Holidays on 9 and 12 August 2019.

London Metal Exchange LMEminis

LMEminis are five tonne cash-settled monthly future contracts that settle against the LME 'parent' contract Official LME Settlement price.


ICE Futures Singapore Mini US Dollar/Singapore Dollar Futures

ICE Futures Singapore will be listing the Mini USD/SGD Futures for trading from 26 July 2019.

CME Group Micro E-mini Futures

Meet Micro E-mini futures, the next big thing in equities trading. Discover the benefits of trading equity index futures for a fraction of the financial commitment.

Cboe Volatility Index® (VX) Futures

The Cboe Volatility Index - more commonly referred to as the "VIX Index" - is an up-to-the-minute market estimate of expected volatility that is calculated by using real-time prices of options on the S&P 500® Index listed on Cboe Exchange, Inc.

Launch of APEX Fuel Oil 380cst Futures Contract

Asia Pacific Exchange Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce that the APEX Fuel Oil 380cst Futures Contract will be listed for trading from 11 April 2019 (9.00 PM SGT). 

Singapore Bank Holiday Notice (Japanese Golden Week)

Kindly take note of the Japanese Golden Week, a consecutive 10-day holiday from 27 April - 6 May 2019.


LMEprecious is the initiative created by the London Metal Exchange (LME), the World Gold Council and a group of leading industry players to introduce exchange-traded, loco London precious metals products.

LME Gold and LME Silver futures provide new opportunities for trading, price discovery and risk management creating an enhanced market structure for the precious metals community.

SGX MB Iron Ore CFR China Swaps and Futures

Singapore Exchange (SGX) launched the world’s first high-grade iron ore derivatives on 3 December 2018 to meet demand for new risk-management tools amid a structural shift in China's environmental policy.

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) PTA Futures

As approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), ZCE will open its PTA Futures trading to foreign investors on 30 November 2018 (Friday).

Introducing India Single Stock Futures Listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Trade futures with popular underlyings such as: 

Hero MotoCorp, ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries, State Bank of India, Tata Motors, Zee Entertainment.

As of now, only futures on India equities (India SSFs) are offered on SGX.

Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) Crude Oil Futures

KGI Securities (Singapore) will participate as an approved foreign broker to offer INE Crude Oil Futures product to our clients. Please contact your account manager for more information.

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) Single Stock Futures

Trade futures with popular underlyings such as Xiaomi, Tencent and Meituan Dianping with the ease of short selling, leveraged effect and less currency exposure.

Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX)'s very first Futures Product: Palm Olein (PF)

The inaugural contract, Palm Olein Futures, has started trading  on 25 May 2018 (Friday)

KGI Securities (Singapore) is now a Pioneer Clearing Member of APEX, Singapore’s Third Derivatives Exchange, and will provide the facility for trading APEX Palm Olein Futures.

Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) Iron Ore Futures

DCE launched Iron Ore Futures contracts on October 18, 2013, which is currently the world's largest iron ore derivatives market with an average daily volume of 2 million contracts and an open interest of 1.8 million contracts.

As approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), DCE has opened its Iron Ore Futures trading to foreign investors on 4 May 2018 (Friday).

APEX Palm Olein Futures Trading-Simulation Competition 2018

Competition period: 9-27 April 2018
Tradable Product: APEX RBD Palm Olein Futures

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Amalgamation of KGI Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and KGI Futures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Effective 2nd October 2017, KGI Securities Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)’s operations in Singapore, namely KGI Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“KGISS”) and KGI Futures (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“KGIFS”) are amalgamated into a single entity with KGISS as the operating entity.

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