Roles / Responsibilities and Remunerations of Introducer

1. The introducer is carrying out introducing activities for KGISS as an independent contractor and NOT an agent, servant, employee or representative or in partnership with KGISS.

2. The introducer when carrying out introducing activities is:

(a) NOT permitted to provide you with any advice or financial advisory service or recommendations on any investment product, arrange any life insurance policies and other insurance-related products other than to the extent of carrying out introducing activities;

(b) NOT permitted to receive or deal with any money or property from you in relation to this introducing activity;

(c) NOT permitted to use any trade names, trademarks, intellectual properties in relation to KGISS nor distribute any advertising, promotional or marketing materials in relation to KGISS; and

(d) NOT authorised to make any representation that the introducer is a representative or agent or enters into or conclude any transactions or contracts on behalf of KGISS.

3. The introducer will be receiving remuneration or introducing fee from KGISS.

Full details of the regulatory requirements for introducers are available at the following links:


View FAR Regulation 31

View FAA Notice FAA-N02-Notice on appointment and use of introducers