At KGI Securities (Singapore), we are always looking for new ways to reach out to our clients, and have therefore launched a WhatsApp News Broadcast Service. To be a part of this, simply follow the instructions below.



1. Create a new contact for our number +65 9655 8829 as KGI SG
2. Open WhatsApp and refresh your contact list.
3. Send "JOIN" over WhatsApp to KGI SG.




I don’t use/have WhatsApp. What do I need to do?
You need to download the app on your phone, and then follow the instructions above. There are versions for all the main systems - iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.
Here’s the download link for WhatsApp:

Download Whatsapp

Can I unsubscribe to this service anytime?
Yes. Simply send "STOP" to the number and that’s it.

How is my information protected for privacy measures?
We maintain high standards of data protection. We will only use your phone number for the purpose of administering the broadcast list. You can refer to our privacy statement here:

Privacy Statement

Is this service chargeable?
This service is completely free.

Will I be receiving many marketing messages?
We might send you an extra message if we are launching new initiatives that are important for our clients to know.

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