KGI Futures is the most widely used futures trading platform. It offers the basic functionalities of a trading application and is most recommended for people who are new to trading or do not have too much technical requirements.

It is a fast and powerful tool that provides global connectivity from a single screen and is easy to deploy and use.



Advanced functionality, such as multi-exchange spreading and one-click scalping

Real-time profit and loss and position update

Integrated charting and news window

Single and multiple account trading

Deployable via multiple modes such as, internet, WAN, LAN, leased lines

Mobile Trading

Get on-the-go access to analytics, quotes, orders and trading with ION Trader (v102), a mobile app optimized to support KGI's most widely-used futures trading platform, KGI Futures.


  • Trading Account summary overview
  • Order execution based on live market prices
  • Different order types: limit, market, stop, stop/limit
  • Positions and Orders views for better trades management
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices

Installation Guide

You might receive a prompt when you open the Mobile App to re-enter your credentials. If you are unsure of  what your credentials are, kindly contact us at  +65 6202 1862 or [email protected].

2-Factor Authentication (2FA)


The 2FA feature is available on KGI Securities Singapore trading accounts to provide an additional level of security by using a One-time password (OTP) to authenticate access to your account. Visit our FAQ to find out more or click here for instructions to setup 2-FA on your trading account.

Kindly refer to the Risk Awareness Statement for more details of the risks associated with the single-factor password authentication used currently.

Risk Awareness Statement


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