KGI TT由Trading Technologies开发,为您提供高速、稳定及精准的专业交易平台。其旗舰产品X_TRADER®广受专业交易员和机构交易者的认可。X_TRADER® Pro是其升级版,不仅配备X_Trader®的所有热门功能,还提供附加功能及自动化工具,包括:TT's Autospreader® 和Autotrader™。

Algorithm Trading

Plug-ins For Managing Automated Trading & Orders

Supports Multiple Order Types

Access To Market Data


High speed price updates and order entry

Single-click trade execution and order cancellation

Automatic trading of one or more spreads simultaneously, with support for spreads consisting of up to ten legs

Use any number of data feeds and market signals to create automated trading strategies through user-defined Autotrader formulas

Simultaneously trade multiple products and markets in real time from one fully-customisable screen