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Legacy planning

What is Legacy Planning?

Legacy planning is an integral aspect of Wealth Management, where you set out how exactly you want your assets to be distributed to your loved ones and the causes you care about. A legacy plan includes not only things that are of monetary value but also intangible assets, such as values and philosophies. A person may also want to include philanthropy as part of their legacy to contribute to the causes they care about, even when they are no longer around.

Why is Legacy Planning Important?

Legacy planning is just like a blueprint for your house, except that it is a structure for your legacy. It provides peace of mind knowing that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes should you pass on. Without a legacy plan, your family members and business partners may spend a lot of time and resources to get everything in order. Conflicts may even arise among the different parties, causing disharmony, and the management of your estate may go differently than your wishes.

Create a Successful Legacy Plan

A holistic legacy plan factors in asset liquidity, liability coverage, equitable distribution, and diversification.

Asset liquidity and liability coverage

For high-net-worth individuals, it is not uncommon to have illiquid assets such as real estate, certain collectibles, art pieces, and even businesses. It is, therefore, essential to leave behind sufficient liquid assets to prevent family members from having to sell the illiquid assets for cash, which is often complicated and time-consuming. Besides cash, many high-net-worth individuals in Singapore incorporate life insurance as part of their portfolio, which generates stable returns over time through an increase in cash value. These insurance policies can also provide their loved ones with immediate cash payouts upon their demise to swiftly settle any outstanding liabilities, such as medical bills or taxes, if any.

Equitable distribution

Insurance policies can also help achieve estate equalization and fair distribution among family members. For example, a businessman may decide to bequeath his business to child A and his real estate portfolio to child B. Assuming his real estate portfolio is worth less than his business, the businessman may seek to bequeath additional assets (i.e., life insurance) to Child B to ensure both children receive an equal allocation and maintain family harmony.


A successful legacy plan goes hand-in-hand with a well-diversified portfolio. Life insurance offers guaranteed payouts and protects your estate value from market fluctuations; however, investments are also an integral part of one's portfolio for wealth accumulation. Investments can generate returns that outpace inflation with the power of compounding, long-term growth, and risk-return trade-off. An investment portfolio typically includes stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, real estate, options, futures, structured products, collectibles, and alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, or private debt. How each individual allocates their assets depends on their investment goals, age, and risk appetite.

How KGI Securities (Singapore) Can Help You in Your Legacy Planning Journey

At KGI Securities (Singapore), we offer a suite of Wealth Management investment products to our onshore and offshore clients. These include global stocks, bonds, options, futures, leveraged forex, mutual funds, structured products, and hedge funds. We also provide access to private market products with high potential returns and low correlation with traditional asset classes.

Our dedicated and experienced team of Relationship Managers, Product Advisors, and Research Analysts will work with you to construct a bespoke investment portfolio according to your financial goals and needs. Through our partners, KGI Securities (Singapore) can further assist you with your legacy planning needs, such as life insurance solutioning or establishing a trust or family office in Singapore.

Contact us today to learn more about how KGI Securities (Singapore) can help you develop a robust legacy plan that can protect your loved ones and withstand the test of time.







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