INTRODUCING VN30 Index Futures

VN30 Index is the price index of the Top 30 companies listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE), having the highest market capitalization and liquidity on HOSE.

The multiplier of a VN30 futures contract is VND100,000 for an index point. The daily trading band for the VN30 Index futures contracts is 7%.

Why trade VN30 Index Futures?

  1. Diversification
    Gain diversification by trading the index as it incorporates 30 of the largest and most liquid Vietnamese shares traded on the Ho Chi Minh stock exchange and offers exposure to a diverse range of sectors.
  2. High GDP Forecast
    Capture the potential growth as the 2022 GDP Forecast for Vietnam is expected to be around 6.8%.
  3. Invest in Vietnam's Industrial & Manufacturing sector
    The bullish Industrial & Manufacturing sector (Consisting of mining, construction, food manufacturing, electronics & textiles) contributed more than 30% to Vietnam's GDP.
  4. Invest in Vietnam's Service sector
    The robust Service sector (Consisting of tourism, banking, finance & insurance) contributed more than 40% to the Vietname GDP in 2021.
  5. High Growth Potential
    For the last 3 years, VN30 Index has been closing higher every month.
    - From 2019 to 2022 Price increase by 17%
    - From 2020 to 2021 Price increased by48.5%

VN30 Index Futures Overview

Items Description
Contract Name VN30 Index Futures Contract
Ticker VN30FYYMM
Underlying Asset VN30 Index
Multiplier VND100,000
Contract Value 100,000 x VN30 Index point
Delivery Month Spot month, the next month, the last two months of the next two quarters
Transaction Methods Order Matching and Put-through
Trading Band +/-7%
Tick Size 0.1 Index Point (equivalent to VND10,000)
Transaction Size 1 Contract
Minimum Transaction Size 1 Contract
Final Transaction Date The 3rd Thursday of the delivery month
  500 contracts/order
Position Limit* · Individual: 5,000 contracts/account
· Institution: 10,000 contracts/account
· Professional Investor: 20,000 contracts/account
Final Settlement Date The working day right after the last trading day
Method of payment Cash


Find out more by downloading the VN30 Index Futures Contract Specification:

VN30 Index Futures 

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