Spot Forex

In Spot Forex trading, trades are done through the buying and selling of a currency priced in terms of another currency. Its delivery date is 2 business days after the trade is initiated. The Forex market offers investors virtually around-the-clock trading worldwide.

Benefits Of Trading Forex

  • Wide range of FX Currency crosses
  • Highly competitive spreads and commission structures
  • Ability to mix and match different currency pairs of your choice
  • Trading opportunities are present in both up and down currency trends
  • Excellent liquidity
  • Good leverage facility
  • Opportunities in a 24-hour global market
  • 24-hour broker assisted dealing and execution services
  • Cutting edge e-trading platforms that are easy to navigate and efficient in order execution
  • Powerful trading tools and resources to help you manage your trading successfully and efficiently
  • Product teams that are highly experienced, professional and committed to help you succeed

What Spot Forex are available for trading?

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