Trading Central was established in 1999 and is one of the most recognized Technical Analysis providers in the world. Thanks to TRADING CENTRAL’s Experts, Technical Analysis will become an essential decision-making tool that allows you to:

  • Confirm your market views
  • Identify original investment opportunities
  • Manage risks
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This indicator will superimpose TRADING CENTRAL'S analysts research, forecasts, commentary and key levels (support / resistance / targets / stop pivots) onto MT4 live charts on most actively traded instruments. Based on selected timeframes it will display the latest opinion of our analysts: whether on an intraday (30min chart), short term (daily chart) or midterm (weekly chart) basis. You can program and fill in orders based on analysts levels.

Candlestick charts illustrate changes in the underlying supply/demand lines or the constant fight between buyers and sellers. The interpretation of candlestick charts is based primarily on patterns. There are dozens of candlesticks patterns and mastering them all can be a daunting task. We have done this hard work and selected 16 patterns we think best represent market psychology or emotion, and have combined them with our unique quantitative and technical expertise.

TRADING CENTRAL Adaptive Candlesticks (TCAC) will mark any MT4 chart with valid open-high-low-close prices with patterns we believe are the most appropriate for decision making while removing patterns less relevant in the context of what occurred before in the market and technical analysis. TCAC will recognize for you in real time reversal and continuation candlesticks patterns to enhance your trading skills and timing. You can use TCAC to better enter and exit the market while also managing your risk more appropriately. Best of all, this approach can be used on any time frame, from one minute bar to monthly or more bar.

Although TCAC does not provide price targets it provides useful timing signals and can be combined with our ANALYST OPINION INDICATOR.

Inspired by MACD, ADAPTIVE DIVERGENCE CONVERGENCE (ADC) adapts its effective lengths to changing market conditions (shorter in trending markets, longer in sideways) and becomes more practical for short-term trading by avoiding excessive signals and guarding against sideways markets.

In addition to ADC's equivalent of MACD's indicators, two consistent oscillators (one slow, one fast) are also harvested from the analysis to help support trading decisions. Whilst its various lines all derive from the same window of market data, they do have some independence from each other. This allows decisions to be made on the basis of weight of evidence.

ADC is particularly easy to optimize since it has only one parameter, and of the same reason almost impossible to overfit.


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