Trading of Controlled Stocks

Trading of Controlled Stocks

To help safeguard both our clients’ and the Company’s interest, we have classified a list of Controlled Stocks to better manage exposures.

The Company’s policy for the trading of the Controlled Stocks is as follow:

Per Client buy exposure limit per Controlled Stock: S$50,000
Per Client buy exposure limit in aggregate for any of the Controlled Stocks: S$500,000

Internet Trading facility shall not be available for the trading of Controlled Stocks.

Clients who wish to purchase amounts above the stipulated limits should deposit collateral in the form of cash with the company before making any buy trades.

There is no restriction on sell trades.

The latest list of Controlled Stocks is available at this link. Please note that the list of Controlled Stocks may be subject to change from time to time at the Company’s sole discretion.

Clients who need clarification on the trading of Controlled Stocks should contact their Trading Representatives.