Launch of APEX USD/CNH Futures Contract


Asia Pacific Exchange Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce that the APEX USD/CNH Futures Contract will be listed for trading from 19 October 2018. Please refer to following URL for the full details of the contract specifications:

Source: Asia Pacific Exchange


Why trade APEX UC Contract?

a) Weekly contract formation: flexible for different investment and hedging time horizon 

As the world’s first weekly USD/CNH contract, the UC Contract will list “four nearest weekly contracts + next three monthly contracts + next three quarterly contracts”, on a rolling basis, meeting the needs of clients with different investment and hedging time horizons.

b) Smaller Contract Size: customizable for different investment and hedging exposure

The UC Contract will be sized at US$10,000 per lot. The small contract size is expected to be more liquid than larger sized contracts and will be more customizable to fulfill the needs of clients’ with different hedging and investment requirements.

c) Cash Settlement: convenient and economical

The contract’s final settlement price is based on the USD/CNH spot rate published by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) on the last trading day (LTD). Cash settlement has the benefit of requiring low cash outlay at the expiry of the contract. Clients only need to settle the profit and loss, which is economical on capital and convenient.



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