Precious Metals

    We offer a wide range of precious metal products for customers of different investment needs. Precious metals consist of gold, silver, platinum and palladium and are usually valued for their practical usage and their role as an investment or a store of value.

    Types of Precious Metals:


    Besides being a symbol of power and wealth, gold is an asset class that is durable & highly liquid. Gold often serves as a store of value during political unrest and high inflation. Investment into gold offers investors an attractive opportunity to diversify their portfolio and potentially reducing overall portfolio risk and portfolio wealth.

    Gold has been widely used as a vehicle for monetary exchange, for instance, through gold coins and paper currency backed by gold reserves. Trading gold is similar to trading other financial markets –buying low and selling it high. Buy or sell gold in real time, from anywhere, and take advantage of strong liquidity and low spreads at KGI Ong Capital. 

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    Silver’s status as a luxury item is well-known as it is used in jewellery, currency and silverware. Moreover, silver is widely used in manufacturing as it can conduct electricity and act as a catalyst for chemical reactions. Hence, the value of silver lies in the fact that it is highly sought after as a luxury item as well as an industrial metal.


    Platinum is mainly used as a catalyst in crude oil refining. Therefore, it is important for its industry players to hedge against the potential rise in platinum prices.


    Palladium is usually used with platinum in many applications. Besides that, it can also be alloyed with gold to produce white gold as jewellery or to be used as electronic connectors and semiconductors.

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