Commodity futures have gained popularity over the years. Buyers use commodity futures to hedge the risks associated with the price fluctuations of the product or raw material while sellers try to lock in a price for their products. At the same time, commodity futures offers exciting opportunities for speculators who are willing to ride out market volatility in anticipation of rewards.

    Benefits of trading Commodities

    Our 24-hour dealing desk will be able to provide advice and market information across products ranging from Agriculture, Energy and Metals. Whether you are new to the commodity futures market or a seasoned professional, we have the trading tools, services, and unique market insights to assist you with your trading.

    • Go long or short on energies, metals and agriculture futures
    • Choose from a wide variety of futures contracts
    • Benefit from small margins
    • Protect yourself from dramatic price movements using risk controls
    • Fast and reliable trading technology to ensure efficient execution

    Types of Commodities


    Beyond production and import/export, agricultural commodities are also traded on major futures exchanges around the world. Trading specialists trade billions of futures contracts every year globally from corns, soybeans, oats to coffee and sugar. (more)


    Energy commodities ranges from crude oil, natural gas, kerosene, gasoline and gas oil. It is one of the most volatile and actively traded commodity in the world. Start trading energy markets around the clock through ICE, NYMEX and TOCOM. (more)


    Metals are classified into precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and base metals. They are used as raw materials in key industries globally, such as automobile, construction and shipping. Suppliers and consumers need to hedge their products against future price movements to minimise price risk. (more)

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