KGI Futures

    KGI Futures is the most widely used futures trading platform. It offers the basic functionalities of a trading application and is most recommended for people who are new to trading or do not have too much technical requirements.

    It is a fast and powerful tool that provides global connectivity from a single screen and is easy to deploy and use.


    kgi-futures-reflector-icon    Reflector

    • A unique depth of market screen with single-click trading, cancelling and amending
    • Dynamic prices, price and order locking, dime features, last-traded price, inside market, day high/low, book weighting
    • Colour-coded indicators to help you see spread patterns and identify breakout, support and resistance levels
    • Smart, multi-order amendment (amend multiple orders at the same level, using either a pro rata or 'last in/first out' function)

    kgi-futures-hot-quotes-screen    Hot Quote Screen

    • User-defined trading window
    • Single/double-click trading
    • Graphically interfaced market depth and last traded prices
    • View implied prices

    kgi-futures-real-time-po-display    Real-Time Position Display

    • Real-time Profit & Loss
    • Real-time position management
    • Full trade history


    • Advanced functionality, such as multi-exchange spreading and one-click scalping
    • Real-time profit and loss and position update
    • Single and multiple account trading
    • Deployable via multiple modes such as, internet, WAN, LAN, leased lines
    • Integrated charting and news window

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